Sustainable Exploitation of bio-based Compounds Revealed and Engineered from natural sources​​

The SECRETed project proposes the development of novel molecules with tailor-made properties by the combination of biosynthetic genes of amphiphilic compounds (biosurfactants and siderophores) produced by marine and extremophilic microorganisms.

48 Months Duration

15 Beneficiaries

10 Work Packages

9 Countries

SECRETed is a founding member of the AIMS Cluster


“Unlock the potential of marine and extremophilic bacteria”

SECRETed project outcomes

Bio-based Surfactants (Surface active agents) are a group of lipids containing both hydrophilic and hydrophobic domains resulting in the tendency to adsorb at interfaces. They have lower interfacial tension allowing the solubilisation of hydrophobic substances in water.

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Siderophores are capable to bond and transport Fe3+ ions featuring their activity for biological systems (plants and blood). They can be used to promote plant and microsphere growth by inhibiting the growth of plant-associated pathogens, bioremediation of heavy metals in contaminated soils, and in medical treatments.

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Development of natural, sustainable and eco-friendly products with significant bioactive properties for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agrochemical, marine and chemistry sectors. Reduction of pressure on harvesting wild populations and increase knowledge about biodiversity potential.

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