3rd General Assembly meeting of SECRETed

It is happening right now! SECRETed has its 3rd General Assembly meeting. EXELISIS is hosting the meeting in Athens, Greece. All leaders and members of the consortium will present their progress and discuss the current achievements and next research activities of the project. The meeting is focusing on the activities of each WP, for which the leaders and the involved partners will present the individual activities and the interactions among them.  A few words about each WP:

WP1 & WP10 are associated with the management and ethics requirements of the project and its research activities. The “Nagoya protocol” and “Access and Benefit Sharing” practices (Convention on Biological Diversity) are monitored and followed across all research activities of the project.

WP2 Microbial collections screening: This WP is led by MATIS, while USE, PHM, LUND, SZN and ADL are also involved. WP2 attained the preparation of protocols for the characterization and screening of microbial collections for the production of industry-driven biosurfactants and siderophores.

WP3 Databases integration and Industry-driven designs: IDENER is leading WP3, with EKUT also being involved in the development of data and models.

WP3 achieved the development of the Integrative Management Platform including more than 2000 chemicals and their associated biosynthetic genes clusters.

WP4: Systems metabolic engineering for microbial platform optimization: USE (leader), ICL, MATIS, LUND and SZN are involved in this WP. The partners are focusing on the identification of selected microbial collections (including natural mutants) and the improvement of their productivity for custom-made biosurfactants and siderophore compounds.

WP5: Lab-scale fermentation and chemical characterization of compounds: UoA is leading this WP; BBEPP, SZN, LUND, USE, ADL and PHM are also involved. The WP is targeting the experimental development of microbial cultivations, the identification of desired compounds and dereplication activities. 

WP6: Pilot systems for process optimization: BBEPP (leader) and IDENER are focusing on the development of larger-scale bioprocessing systems for the justification of the cultivation of selected microbes and the production of target chemicals. BBEPP is undertaking bioprocess development, and IDENER is providing process modelling and optimization services.

WP7: Proof of concept for end users’ applications: This WP involved the end-users of the SECRETed project. SE (leader), PHM, ADL and SYL are testing biosurfactants and siderophore compounds’ properties and capabilities for the development of end-user applications related to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food supplements, fertilizers, oncology and diagnostic tests.

WP8: Sustainability assessments: Blue Synergy is responsible for the sustainability assessment of the SECRETed applications in terms of environmental (LCA), economic (LCC) and social (social-LCA) aspects.

WP9: Communication, dissemination, and exploitation: EXELISIS is responsible for the provision of dissemination, communication and exploitation services to maximize the uptake and awareness of project results by potential stakeholders and the general public. 

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