5th Newsletter of SECRETed

The 5th Newsletter of SECRETed has been published!

SECRETed at a glance

The SECRETed project entered the 3rd year having generated numerous promising results taking advantage of AI-driven biotechnology, experimental and pilot production of bio-based resources. READ MORE…

Strains producing recombinant siderophores and surfactants

Bacterial gene clusters of appropriate length and cofactor requirements with the potential of producing novel molecules of interest belonging to the enacyloxin and desferrioxamine families have been identified. READ MORE…

Siderophores against antibiotic resistance bacteria

Other fungal molecules, referred to as siderophores (think about them like tiny
magnets) are also effective in treating infections. READ MORE…

Scaling up biosurfactant production

The SECRETed process is transferred in stainless steel
bioreactors that are pressurised and being tested at 30L scales. READ MORE…

Screening of biosurfactant and siderophore producers (halophilic strains)

A great number of strains have been positive for production of bioactive compounds, some of which being outstanding producers. READ MORE…

Screening thermophilic bacteria for functional assays for siderophores and biosurfactants

More than 200
strains of thermophilic bacteria from coastal hot springs are screened with one or more functional assays for siderophores and biosurfactants. READ MORE…


SECRETed has participated in 8 conferences and events including the AIMS Clutering activities. READ MORE…

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