6th General Assembly meeting

DAY 1: 9 July 2024, Lund (Sweden)

The 6th General Assembly of SECRETed took place in Lund, Sweden, on July 9-10, 2024. The meeting was conducted in a hybrid mode, with consortium members gathering both in person at Lund University and online. Participants included the coordinator (IDENER) and the leaders of each work package. After presenting their most recent accomplishments, all partners synchronized on the next course of action.

On the first day of the meeting, participants engaged in lively discussions about the progress and future plans for key work packages: WP2 (Microbial Collections Screening), WP3 (Databases Integration and Industry-Driven Designs), WP4 (Metabolic Engineering), WP6 (Piloting Activities) and WP7 (Proof of Concept for End Users’ Applications).

Afterward, attendees enjoyed a relaxing tour of Lund, which was followed by a delightful dinner.

Day 2: 10 July 2024, Lund (Sweden)

On the second day of the GA meeting, the consortium shared progress and results for remaining work packages, including WP5 (Lab-Scale Fermentation and Chemical Characterization of Compounds), WP9 (Dissemination and Exploitation), WP8 (Sustainability Assessments), and WP10/WP1 (Management and Coordination).

At present, the SECRETED project, spanning 48 months, is now in its advanced stages, having reached month 38. Significant milestones have been achieved, including the identification of highly promising producing strains, valuable compounds, and their corresponding Biosynthesis Gene Clusters (BGCs). The project has also established a robust database focusing on biosurfactants and siderophores, enhancing our understanding and application of these bioactive compounds.

For more detailed insights into the achievements of SECRETED, we invite you to explore our latest newsletter HERE.

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