6th Newsletter of SECRETed

The 6th Newsletter of SECRETed has been published!

SECRETed impact

The SECRETed project is a groundbreaking endeavor that links environmental sustainability, biotechnology innovation, and biodiversity protection. Based on the goal of lessening the burden on natural ecosystems, SECRETed aims to decrease the need for collecting wild populations while expanding our understanding of the rich potential for biodiversity present in microbial communities. READ MORE

Assessment of Rhamnolipids from P. gessardi

Sphera Encapsulation conducted different analyses (e.g., surface tension, CMC and emulsion index) and tested the performance of the RLs after thermal treatment and at different pHs, finding that these biosurfactants have good surface activity and emulsifying properties, similar and in some cases better than the  controls (SDS and sucrose esters). READ MORE

Genetic characterisation of siderophores and biosurfactants pathways

In the frame of WP2 activities, Stazione Zoologica Anthon Dohrn has selected the most promising bacterial strains from the internal collection of extremophiles,  shedding light on taxonomical groups with the biosynthetic ability to produce biosurfactants (BSs) and siderophores (SDs). READ MORE

Advancing Nanoparticle Formulations for Therapeutic Delivery

Sylentis has continued testing new prototype formulations developed in collaboration with Sphera Encapsulation, of different protein and/or polymeric nature (F-K prototypes), which will serve as a basis for the future incorporation of biosurfactants obtained from SECRETed. READ MORE

University of Seville (USE)

Extracts of supernatants of 40 strains from University of Seville’s collection that produce siderophore and
biosurfactants have been prepared in small-scale and the corresponding activity assays has been performed. READ MORE

Preparing for final scale-up of  SECRETed biosurfactants

In the past 6 months Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant has worked on final optimisations of the fermentation and purification steps needed for the final scale-up runs to product SECRETed biosurfactants. READ MORE

YouTube channel & Vlog

SECRETed has released 3 new videos on the YouTube channel. 2 of them are Q&A interviews with partners Sphera Encapsulation and PharmaMar and 1 Vlog about the fermentation process in BBEPP facilities. READ MORE

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