Executive Management Board

On 8th of Novemmber 2022, the workpackage leaders of the SECRETed project had the Executive Management Board (EMB) meeting, chaired by the project coordinator, Manuel Salvador de Lara (IDENER). The members of the EMB discussed in detail about:

  • The progress of the project in light of scheduled objectives
  • The optimization of the procedures of the work plan, given the high multidisciplinary nature of the project
  • The targeted activities concerning the engagement of SECRETed stakeholders

The EMB took decisions concerning the forthcoming steps of the project to maximize efficiency of research activities and management.

The Executive Management Board comprises of the 8 leaders of the 10 work packages of SECRETed and is chaired by the Coordinator of the project. The work package leaders are:

  • Manuel Salvador (IDENER, Coordinator) – Leader of WP1, 3, 10
  • Gudmundur (Matis)                                    – Leader of WP2
  • Montserrat (USE)                                        – Leader of WP4
  • Nikos Tsafantakis (UoA)                            – Leader of WP5
  • Sofie lodens (BBEPP)                                 – Leader of WP6
  • Zanoni (SE)                                                   – Leader of WP7
  • German Cavero (Blue Synergy)                – Leader of WP8
  • Kostas Pyrgakis (Exelisis)                         – Leader of WP9

The EMB is the authorized body of SECRETed to monitor and take decisions  concerning the efficient execution and implementation of the project as well as to coordinate the interaction among partners of the project.

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