Be a Part of the SECRETEd Journey

At SECRETEd, we believe in the power of collective efforts to drive meaningful change. We invite you to actively engage with our project and contribute to our mission in various ways. Your involvement can have a significant impact on our journey towards marine sustainability and environmental preservation.

Get involved

  • Tell Us Your Story: We invite you to submit your experiences, information, or tales about marine-based compounds, environmental sustainability, or circular economy principles. Your observations might encourage others to support the cause and change the world.
  • Events and Webinars: Attend our events and webinars to stay informed and engaged. We frequently host online and real-world gatherings to talk about project updates, sustainability strategies, and marine biodiversity. Participate in these knowledge-sharing platforms, converse with professionals, and pose inquiries.
  • Contribute Content: Do you have pertinent information or research that fits the objectives of our project? Contributions that enhance our resource base are highly appreciated. Contribute your work, be it an article, case study, or research paper, and assist us in creating a knowledge base.

The SECRETEd project, marine sustainability, and social impact are regularly covered in our Newsletter. Keep yourself updated about our events, projects, and activities, and join our expanding community.

Useful Links & resources

We’ve included some excellent outside materials in this area that build upon and supplement the topics covered in the SECRETEd project. Links to projects, organisations, and educational websites about marine-based compounds and environmental sustainability are among them.