iGEMx: Science Beyond Borders

The iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) community refers to a global network of students, researchers, and professionals who participate in the iGEM competition and are interested in the field of synthetic biology. iGEMx is an extension of the iGEM competition that focuses on expanding participation to teams outside of the traditional academic setting. It is designed to allow more diverse teams, including community and independent teams, to participate in the iGEM competition. iGEMx encourages innovation, collaboration, and the development of synthetic biology projects with real-world applications.

iGEMx: Science Beyond Borders is the second iteration of iGEMx aiming to broaden the scope of access to science beyond regional boundaries by establishing a global platform for communication and active dialogue in the field of science.

iGEMx: Science Beyond Borders kicked off on the 25th of September with a guest appearance by Professor Jose Jimenez of Imperial College London, a partner of SECRETed. During the session, the intricate integration of synthetic biology into evolutionary and microbiological biology was discussed.

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