New article: “Novel Insights on Pyoverdine: From Biosynthesis to Biotechnological Application”


Pyoverdines (PVDs) are a class of siderophores produced mostly by members of the genus Pseudomonas. Their primary function is to accumulate, mobilize, and transport iron necessary for cell metabolism. Moreover, PVDs also play a crucial role in microbes’ survival by mediating biofilm formation and virulence. In this review, we reorganize the information produced in recent years regarding PVDs biosynthesis and pathogenic mechanisms, since PVDs are extremely valuable compounds. Additionally, we summarize the therapeutic applications deriving from the PVDs’ use and focus on their role as therapeutic target themselves. We assess the current biotechnological applications of different sectors and evaluate the state-of-the-art technology relating to the use of synthetic biology tools for pathway engineering. Finally, we review the most recent methods and techniques capable of identifying such molecules in complex matrices for drug-discovery purposes.

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