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Scientific article: A global survey of specialized metabolic diversity encoded in bacterial genomes

Bacterial secondary metabolites have been studied for decades for their...

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Scientific article: Metagenomic Sequencing of Multiple Soil Horizons and Sites in Close Vicinity Revealed Novel Secondary Metabolite Diversity

Discovery of novel antibiotics is crucial for combating rapidly spreading...

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Scientific article: Evaluating the Distribution of Bacterial Natural Product Biosynthetic Genes across Lake Huron Sediment

Environmental microorganisms continue to serve as a major source of bioactive...

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Scientific article: ARTS-DB: a database for antibiotic resistant targets

As a result of the continuous evolution of drug resistant bacteria, new...

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1st Press Release of SECRETed project

The 1st Press Release of SECRETed project has been published (download it...

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IUPAC|CCCE 2021 conference – Symposium of “Natural Products: From Discovery to Application”

In contexts of IUPAC|CCCE 2021 conference, Eberhard Karls Universität...

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The SECRETed Poster, Flyer and Roll-Up are available for download

The poster, flyer and roll-up of the SECRETed project have been published and...

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SECRETed WP2 Meeting

The 1st WP2 Meeting of the SECRETed Project H2020 was held online, in 15th...

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SECRETed Kick-off Meeting – 28 June 2021

SECRETed is a Research and Innovation Action project that has received funding...

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