Q&A Interview – Innovative Encapsulation

Innovative encapsulation by Dr. Martina Vakarelova of Sphera Encapsulation

Dr. Martina Vakarelova from Sphera Encapsulation participated in our second Q&A session as part of the SECRETed project. Sphera Encapsulation leads the Work Package focused on utilizing project results for end-user applications. The conversation centered on advanced encapsulation methods and the significance of biosurfactants within the scope of SECRETed.

SECRETed introduces innovative methods for bio-based manufacturing of compounds identical to those traditionally consumed, but instead of relying on conventional feedstocks from fossil resources and synthetic pathways, it utilizes enhanced microorganisms. This approach ensures the sustainable and secure production of chemicals utilized in emerging applications within pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and agriculture, ultimately enhancing both well-being and productivity.

Watch the Q&A interview and stay tuned for more!

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