Scientific article: “New Imidazolium Alkaloids with Broad Spectrum of Action from the Marine Bacterium Shewanella aquimarina”

Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn had a scientific publication:
Title: New Imidazolium Alkaloids with Broad Spectrum of Action from the Marine Bacterium Shewanella aquimarina


The continuous outbreak of drug-resistant bacterial and viral infections imposes the need to search for new drug candidates. Natural products from marine bacteria still inspire the design of pharmaceuticals. Indeed, marine bacteria have unique metabolic flexibility to inhabit each ecological niche, thus expanding their biosynthetic ability to assemble unprecedented molecules. The One-Strain-Many-Compounds approach and tandem mass spectrometry allowed the discovery of a Shewanella aquimarina strain as a source of novel imidazolium alkaloids via molecular networking. The alkaloid mixture was shown to exert bioactivities such as: (a) antibacterial activity against antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus clinical isolates at 100 µg/mL, (b) synergistic effects with tigecycline and linezolid, (c) restoration of MRSA sensitivity to fosfomycin, and (d) interference with the biofilm formation of S. aureus 6538 and MRSA. Moreover, the mixture showed antiviral activity against viruses with and without envelopes. Indeed, it inhibited the entry of coronavirus HcoV-229E and herpes simplex viruses into human cells and inactivated poliovirus PV-1 in post-infection assay at 200 µg/mL. Finally, at the same concentration, the fraction showed anthelminthic activity against Caenorhabditis elegans, causing 99% mortality after 48 h. The broad-spectrum activities of these compounds are partially due to their biosurfactant behavior and make them promising candidates for breaking down drug-resistant infectious diseases.

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