SideroTec-HiSens™ Assay by Accuplex Diagnostics

SideroTec-HiSens™ Assay by Accuplex Diagnostics

On August 2022, Accuplex Diagnostics launched a novel high sensitivity assay to detect siderophores and other iron chelation molecules in the low to high nanomolar range. The SideroTec-HiSens™ Assay extends the growing range of siderophore detection assays.

In nature, siderophores are generated at very low levels making direct detection difficult, requiring either amplification by microbial culture prior to detection or the need for complex and time-consuming analytical techniques. Using a fluorescent probe, the new test can detect siderophore at up to 100 times higher sensitivity than other tests, enabling direct detection of siderophores in environmental and biological samples. Samples analysed to date include detection of siderophores in microbial inhibition assays and in an insect infection model.

The test was developed in contexts of the SECRETed project mining marine and extremophilic bacteria to discover new and novel siderophores with potential for use in a wide variety of industrial and health related applications.

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