Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research – Listed stakeholder of SECRETed

From now on, the “Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research-GA” is a listed stakeholder of the SECRETed project. The scientific society will hold a strong communication with the exeprts of SECRETed sharing powerfull knowledge and activities on the biodiscovery of natural bio-based products. Thanks to Prof. Nikolaos Fokialakis – Vice-President of the Executive Council of the GA society and leader of WP5 of the SECRETed project – there is built a strong relationship between the two entities. The SECRETed project makes an open call to stakeholders to get linked with SECRETed as listed stakeholders and benefit from the project’s research and dissemination activities as well as to investigate opportunities for future collaborations.

For more information, contact the Exploitation Manager of SECRETed, Dr. Kostas Pyrgakis:


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