WP2 progress meeting

MATIS is leading the research activities of WP2: Microbial collections screening, while PharmaMarAccuplex DiagnosticsStazione Zoologica Anton DohrnUniversity of SevilleLund University and EXELISIS are participating and leading partners in the actions of the work package.

Latest updates on WP2 activities include the progress on the definition of protocols for the screening of extremophilic microorganisms and the chemical characterization of biosurfactants and siderophores identified in the thermophiles, halophiles and psychrophiles collections.

Moreover, in light of the upcoming 3rd General Assembly SECRETed meeting (31 January 2023), the partners of WP2 discussed about the organization of the data and methods portfolio that will be discussed in the meeting, as well as the interactions of WP2 with other work packages. The outcomes of WP2 will play a critical role in decision making of bacteria selections with high production potential of industry-driven compounds.

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